I love Indian Cuisine , especially Punjabi !

‘Food’ – The most important reason people like me  live ( and die ) for…Luckily I have had the opportunity to taste various variety of cuisine from around the world. Starting from my own Kerala cuisine to Tamil, Andhra, Karnataka, Goan, Portuguese, Malvani, Gujarati, Punjabi (that also from Amritsar), Sindhi, Parsi, North east apart from Arabic, Chinese, Continental and Mediterranean cuisines. If you ask which is my favourite cuisine….OMG I’m literally in love with all of them.


But Punjabi cuisine is of some other level. We lived in Amritsar for four years from 2007. My son was just 2 year old then and the school he went provided food for kids. Till now he’s an adamant fan of Punjabi food be it for breakfast (aloo, paneer parathas), Lunch (palak paneer, aloo bhindi, butter chicken) , evening snack aloo Tikki or dinner (Butter naan, tandoori, paneer tikka, Amritsari Machhi). The vegetables you get is there is super fresh and so is the food. Even when you eat from any roadside dhabas you will be served meals which is rich in malai, ghee etc which will fulfil your food cravings. Sunday mornings we used to go to the famous Brothers Dhaba for breakfast. Puris fried in ghee with chana, fresh hot aloo, paneer kulchas and parathas with lassi made our days. Seeing the quantity of food itself make us happy, not to mention quality.


I saw cottage cheese for the first time in my life when they were kept in front of shops like a big circular halwa, cut and give as per customer’s request. Punjabis don’t take shortcuts in cooking. Dal is cooked in slow fire not in pressure cooker, same with cooking carrots in creamy milk for gajar ka halwa. The winter menu is again a wide variety from Sarson ka saag to pakodas, corn and peanuts. Ladies of the neighbourhoods sit together in the afternoons to get some graze of sunlight during winters taking with them a lot of green peas with pods for taking peas, wool for making sweaters, shawls, cleaning coriander leaves (quantity in kgs). Since Punjab is an agriculture based state all the staples we get are super fresh. We could even remove the skin of potatoes by just pressing them with fingers.


Punjabis enjoy preparing food and making others eat (and drink of course). For a person like me from Kerala who has seen mostly fish and some veg dishes rice and maximum biryani , Punjab was a dreamland. We have travelled 70km just to have some special thali and was quite worth it.


Now living in Mumbai I feel blessed to be in a big society where people from almost all regions coexist. Luckily many home chefs gave me an opportunity to try the PAN INDIAN cuisine. I also get to try farm fresh Flame grapes directly from Nashik, Strawberries from Mahabaleshwar, Alphonso mangoes from Ratnagiri which are so.. sweet,  all arranged by my fellow residents. And of course I’m the first one to join in all the food groups around.


Thanking God for making me a human being to try all the food in this lovely world. Waiting for MORE………………

Photo by Marvin Ozz from Pexels


Author : Bijili Vinod

A Foodie, An Engineer and a Mother of two