How to Whip Egg White Perfectly

Tips and Tricks to beat egg whites perfectly without fail. Also called Swiss Meringue or Whipped egg whites. If you follow the steps mentioned here you can whip the egg white perfectly every single time. You can also watch the video to get an idea on how to do it.

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Step 1

Utensils: Glass or metal bowl should be used and it should be well dried and devoid of any oil residues

Step 2

the whisk or the beater should also be clean or dry

Step 3

To stabilise the egg whites, you may add a pinch of salt, Cream of Tartar, A teaspoon of vinegar or lemon juice. This is not necessary but it is particularly useful while using old eggs.

Step 4

Start beating at low speed and once it starts foaming you can increase the speed, at this point you can add sugar, if the recipe calls for it

Step 5

keep whipping at high speed

Step 6

after sometime it starts to form soft peaks, in less than a minute, as you keep on beating stiff peaks will be formed.

Step 7

now you can stop beating. if you beat further the whites will become grainy and watery.

Step 8

adding sugar during beating will prevent over beating and thereby deflating the meringue.

Step 9

If you scoop out some meringue with a spatula and on flipping the spatula you can see that the meringue does not fall down or flip if you hold the bowl upside down the perfectly beaten meringue will stick to it.

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