Mixed Leaf Salad With Tomato and Corn

This mixed leaf salad with tomatoes and corn is a simple, easy and healthy way to enjoy your meal. Serve it up with some proteins such as grilled chicken , salmon etc or as a BBQ accompaniment.

corn salad
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    5 Minutes
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I have used a mix of different green leaves such as Romaine Lettuce, Frisse Lettuce, Lollo Rosso Lettuce, Radicchio Lettuce, Baby Rocca, Baby Spinach,garden rocket with some cherry tomato and sweet corn.

Buy Leaves that are fresh and crisp. The more varieties, the more flavorful. I have bought a 200g pack of mesclun greens. Find your favourite combination by trying varieties of lettuce and other baby leaves which you like.



Step 1

Wash the leaves and dry them well. A salad spin is your best friend while making salad. It helps to dry the leaves perfectly in no time and your salad will be fresh and crisp. If you don’t have a salad spinner, spread the leaves on a kitchen towel to dry while you prepare your dressing.

Step 2

Add some quartered cherry tomatoes and some canned sweet corn.

Step 3

To make the dressing mix together minced garlic,extra virgin olive oil, dried herbs, lime juice, salt and pepper.

Step 4

Add the dressing to the salad mix and mix well.

Step 5

Serve immediately, or chill for an hour in a refrigerator before serving.


  • You can customise this fresh mixed leaf salad to your preference by topping it with sliced cucumber, roasted nuts, grated or cubed cheese, diced fruits, boiled eggs etc.
  • Always use fresh and crunchy leaves for salad.
  • You can swap the dressing to any of your favourite ones.
  • Green salads are best when served fresh.

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