Simple Christmas Fruit Cake Recipe Without alcohol and Egg

This is a Simple Non Alcoholic Fruit Cake Recipe which you can make in just 3 hours from scratch !

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if you are Looking for an easy Simple non alcoholic Christmas fruitcake without egg ! 

Your search ends right here! Here’s the perfect recipe for a simple cake that is non-alcoholic and eggless and perfect for those who decide to make it on the last minute!



Step 1

Preheat the oven to @170C.

Step 2

Add Orange juice, and candied fruits and let it soak for two hours.

Step 3

Add the soaked fruits to a large mixing bowl.

Step 4

Add Caramelised sugar, oil, and milk and mix well.

Step 5

Add mixed chopped nuts, and all-purpose flour, and make sure not to overmix.

Step 6

Add cinnamon powder, baking powder, and baking soda.

Step 7

Pour the batter into a 6-inch buttered pan.

Step 8

Bake in a preheated oven at @170C for 55 to 60 minutes.


How to make Caramel Syrup


Sugar – 1 Cup (White or Brown Sugar)

Water – 1 cup

1. Take sugar in a heavy-bottomed pan. Keep the flame at medium to low throughout the process.

2. Do not stir but wait for the sugar to slowly melt and liquefy. You can see in the second picture itself that the top right corners have started to liquefy.

3. Wait for all the sugar to melt.

4. If you feel the sugar will get burnt, you can hold the pan and swirl slightly as

5. Once the entire sugar is dissolved and now it’s dark golden brown, switch off the stove.

7. Take the 1cup of water and pour slowly, little by little along the sides.

8. Alternately, you can sprinkle water too. Sprinkling will avoid lump formation.

9. Once you add the water stir well for the water and syrup to blend.

10. boil it until it reduces to 1 cup

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