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Ravioli is a simple, classic pasta dish that's easy to cook and easy to portion. You can prepare a batch within a matter of minutes. Store-bought ravioli are a quick and easy option for a quick dinner and are equally delicious when paired with the right sauce. here i show you how to cook store brought ravioli with tomato sauce.

  • Prep Time
    10 Minutes
  • Cook Time
    2 Minutes
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Step 1

Boil the water in a large pan for a few minutes, and add salt.

Step 2

Add the ravioli pasta and let it cook, after 2 minutes drain the pasta from the water. ( Save the water for later )

Step 3

In a pan add the Olive oil, Chopped garlic, Onions and mix well.

Step 4

Add the tomato that are blanches and skin removed and mash them.

Step 5

Add the dry italian herbs and stir occasionally.

Step 6

Cover and cook until the tomatoes are done.

Step 7

When done add pasta water as required and mix well.

Step 8

Add some chopped parsley/ chives and continue mixing.

Step 9

Add the cooked pasta mix.

Step 10

Add cream to make it creamier (optional).

Step 11

Surve in a plate or bowl and enjoy :)

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