Deepa Sasi

Simplicity is the ultimate Sophistication - "Leonardo Da Vinci"

Welcome to Yummy Treats Official. My Name is Deepa . This is a recipe blog that focuses on simplicity without compromising a bit on the epicurean experience.

My new found passion in cooking was kindled by the urge to provide my kids with the home cooked version of all their favorite foods. And not to mention the need to satisfy my picky husbands taste buds. Living in Dubai means my kids are exposed to all kinds of cuisines from around the world and the list before me were never ending. Being a Civil Engineering Professional and a full time working mom it was hard for me to find time for elaborate recipes, but my passion didn’t let me give up. That is how I become a die hard fan of simple and Easy Recipes.
I believe ‘Knowledge is the process of piling up facts; wisdom lies in simplification’
I used to try and test new snacks and bakes and take it to my office and to my friends every now and then. The positive reviews from my collogues, friends and my weekend guests made me more confident and passionate.
When I took a break from my job I started a Youtube channel “Yummy Treats” in 2019, as a hobby mainly to post my best recipes and to check back later whenever I needed them. After 3 years it has grown slowly and organically and has been fetching me a passive income.
This new blog “ Yummy Treats Official “ is a step towards taking it more seriously and making it a profession. Here I post the written recipes from my Youtube channel videos and more, keeping simplicity the motto.

Hope you guys will support me in this journey 

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