birthday cakes

Simple Red Velvet Cake Recipe for Birthday |

  • 0 / 10 Red velvet cake is essentially a chocolate cake, though it is very light and strong with vanilla flavor too. The cake is traditionally flavored with

Easy Moist Jackfruit Cake Recipe Without Oven |

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Jackfruit is very tasty fruit and a cake made with jackfruit is inevitably delicious. Jackfruit is protein rich, and has vitamin B, vitamin C and

Rainbow Sprinkle Sponge Cake Recipe | Birthday Cake

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Rainbow Sprinkle Sponge Cake or somely Birthday Cake is fun to make and is delicious and rich in rainbow sprinkles which gives the cake a

Easy Zebra Cake Recipe

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this video shows how to make Easy Zebra Sponge cake at home. This is a combination of vanilla and chocolate sponge cake. A zebra cake