beginners cake recipe

Simple and Easy Redvelvet Cake Recipe | Soft

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This yummy red velvet cake is soft, tender, moist and pairs wonderfully with cream cheese frosting or any other frosting for that matter.

Simple Moist Orange Cake Recipe for Beginners

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If you love to make orange sponge cake or orange muffin please check out my recipes.

Easy Half Sheet Cake Recipe Chocolate | Chocolate

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Here I am making a chocolate sponge sheet cake. You can double the recipe for two layers.

Easy Recipe for Victoria Sponge Cake

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It is believed to be originated in Europe, somewhere in Spain or Britain, Today I’m making a classic Victoria sponge cake, This easy Victoria sponge

Simple Christmas Fruit Cake Recipe Without alcohol and

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if you are Looking for an easy Simple non alcoholic Christmas fruitcake without egg !  Your search ends right here! Here’s the perfect recipe for a simple cake that


Best Spongy Mini Cupcake Recipe | Easy Cupcake

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Best Spongy Mini Cupcake Recipe : This Mini Cupcakes are so Soft and Fluffy that it will melt in your mouth.  This is a lemon

Banana Coffee Cake Recipe | Yummy Treats

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This healthy banana coffee cake recipe is an eggless, treat you can enjoy any time of the day. It’s perfect for breakfast, brunch, or dessert and a

Simple Red Velvet Cake Recipe for Birthday |

  • 0 / 10 Red velvet cake is essentially a chocolate cake, though it is very light and strong with vanilla flavor too. The cake is traditionally flavored with

Rainbow Sprinkle Sponge Cake Recipe | Birthday Cake

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Rainbow Sprinkle Sponge Cake or somely Birthday Cake is fun to make and is delicious and rich in rainbow sprinkles which gives the cake a

Easy and Fluffy Yogurt Cake Recipe | Yummy

  • 0 / 10 This yogurt cake has been trending recently and I had to try it out for myself. This Yogurt cake looks like a cheesecake but