Easy Vanilla Hot Milk Sponge Cake Recipe |

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This Vanilla Hot milk sponge cake is simple, easy fluffy and delicious . The hot milk sponge cake should not be dry or excessively soft , but

How to make Churros Easy Recipe | Easy

  • 0 / 10 Churros are a wonderful treat that you can have either for breakfast or as a snack. Churros come with the shape of loops or

Easy Vanilla Jam Roll Cake Recipe | How

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This is a very easy basic swiss roll cake recipe any one can make at home , cherry/strawberry jam swiss roll cake recipe Swiss roll,

How to make Egg Sandwich | Easy Egg

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This Easy egg sandwich makes great comfort food! You can use any type of bread or cheese that you want for this quick and easy

Rainbow Sprinkle Sponge Cake Recipe | Birthday Cake

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Rainbow Sprinkle Sponge Cake or somely Birthday Cake is fun to make and is delicious and rich in rainbow sprinkles which gives the cake a

Delicious Homemade Banana Waffles Recipe | Yummy Treats

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Delicious Homemade Banana Waffles recipe: These Light and fluffy Banana Waffles are easy to make and loaded with the most delicious banana flavor. Banana waffles

Easy and Fluffy Yogurt Cake Recipe | Yummy

  • 0 / 10 This yogurt cake has been trending recently and I had to try it out for myself. This Yogurt cake looks like a cheesecake but

Quick and Easy Orange Sponge Cake Recipe |

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This is an Easy Orange sponge cake any one can make with only few ingredients.  The key is to get the egg meringue right and


Soft and Easy Lemon Cake Recipe | Moist

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This Lemon Cake Recipe is moist, fluffy, tangy and so easy to make from scratch! Every bite of this supremely moist and is full of